飛輪教室 Flywheel Classroom/2F







  1. 為維護使用者之權益,請愛惜本中心設備,並遵守各項使用須知。
  2. 本教室僅供中心課程使用,或有申請預約場地者使用,請勿擅自進入使用。
  3. 患有傳染性疾病、癲癇症、意識不清、皮膚病(潰爛、傷口)、多發性硬化症、發燒超過攝氏37.5℃等身體不適或其他醫生建議不能從事運動者、飯後一小時內、酒後、嚴重睡眠不足時、藥效未退前、患有高血壓、心臟病、糖尿病等非具傳染性疾病者,或其他任何身體不適者,禁止使用本場地。
  4. 為了維護您的安全及個人衛生,使用本場地需著正式運動服裝、乾淨運動鞋;禁止穿著牛仔褲、西裝褲、拖鞋、涼鞋、皮鞋、高跟鞋、帆布鞋、休閒鞋等非運動服裝入場。
  5. 嚴禁吸煙、喝酒、嚼食檳榔、口香糖及攜帶任何食品、飲料入場(開水、礦泉水除外,盛水器具需能加蓋鎖緊)。
  6. 禁止攜帶雨具及寵物進入,輔助盲人同胞導盲犬不在此限。
  7. 如有租借、使⽤各項器材,請依照器材使用方式進行器材使用,若因使⽤不當造成器材設備毀損,本中⼼有權要求損壞賠償。
  8. 若在課程中身體有任何不適,請立即停止運動,並告知現場人員。
  9. 未經中心許可,禁止照相、攝影、錄音、張貼或懸掛海報、旗幟、標語等。
  10. 未經同意禁止使用館內插座,如因活動或租借場地,需先登記付費後方能使用。
  11. 未經本中心同意,嚴禁私人收費教學,如有出現教學指導行為者,經勸導後,仍執意教學,本中心將錄影拍照蒐證並將教學者請出場外,以維護客人安全及本中心教學品質,若有爭議或無法界定者,本中心得立即終止使用權利並要求離場。
  12. 場地使用時,應遵守各場地專屬安全規定,本中心得隨時制止使用者有安全顧慮之行為,如不聽制止,本中心有權強制使用者離開全部或局部場地之權利。
  13. 本須知如有未盡事宜,得另行增列、修訂之,並以現場公告或服務人員說明為準。若未能配合管理者,現場工作人員將有權令其離場(不予退費)並不負賠償責任。為維護其他使用者的安全,屢勸不聽者,本中心有權禁止其登記付費使用。
  1. It is everyone’s responsibility to follow all the rules while using the center’s facilities in respect of the rights of all user.
  2. People with contagious diseases, unstable blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions, had meal within 1 hour before, in drunken state, in sleep-deprived state, under impact of medication or any other unfit health conditions are not allowed to use the facility.
  3. The facility is reserved for paid-users for specific purpose;anyone need to register for the facility first before using it.
  4. Please keep your personal belongings in a safe place or put them in a lockers.

The lockers user limited on the day. The center does not have the responsibility of keeping and searching.

  1. Entrants must wear sportswear and soft-soled lace-up sneakers. Slippers, white shoes, high-heeled shoes, sandals, or other footwear or clothing that do not comply with the venue usage regulations are prohibited. If you are not sure, please ask the staff.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to bring animal (except guide dogs) or smoke, drink, chew betel nuts, chewing sugar, and bring any food or drink into the area (except open water and mineral water).
  3. Please notify the staff on-site should you feel ill at anytime.
  4. Please use the equipment in accordance with the way the equipment is used. If the equipment is damaged due to improper use, the center has the right to prohibit the use and request compensation for damages. (please refer to equipment rental rules for details).
  5. It is strictly forbidden for non-center coaches to conduct private teaching. If there are private teaching and guidance behaviors, after persuasion, they still insist on teaching. The center will record and take photos for evidence and ask they to leave the venue to protect the safety of guests and the center teaching quality.
  6. Photography, videography, poster hanging, flag hanging, labeling and other such behaviors are not allowed unless approved by the center.
  7. Electrical sockets are reserved only for events or venue rental under the condition of payment of an addition fee;personal use is not allowed.
  8. All the rules should be followed as indicated specifically for each area of the court. Staff reserve the right to prohibit users action that threaten their safety, and to expel users from the fitness area should the users not cooperate.
  9. The center has the right to add and alter the rules accordingly with the announcement on site and staff explanation as overrule. The center reserves the right to prohibit use of the facility in concern to its environment and safety and is not responsible for reimbursement and compensation for violation to others caused by personal factor or not cooperating with the rules.